Isle of Wight Challenge

Rebecca Symons has raised over £1,000 for Success After Stroke by taking part in the Isle of Wight Challenge.  A big thank you to Rebecca from everyone at Success After Stroke.

Rebecca says,

“The Isle of Wight Challenge is now a classic annual event on the island, so myself and three friends decided in the usual post Christmas, January slump, to sign up. It was great to have something to aim for that got us out in the fresh air and improved our fitness too. This particular event is part of the ‘Ultra Series’ of extreme challenges and consists of walking or running around the Isle of Wight doing either the full circuit of 106km over 2 days or half the island in one day – a mere 52 km (33 miles). We opted for the latter!

As a group we thought what a wasted effort it

would be not to use this experience as a fundraising opportunity too. We all had different causes that were important to us. My mother has endured and amazingly survived several strokes so my family know only too well what a potentially devastating impact strokes can have on individuals as well as the people who love them.

Since her recovery she has regularly volunteered for Success After Stroke in Sudbury and often said what a valuable and rewarding resource it is for everyone involved. Be it social or therapeutic, how important it is that people with shared experiences come together in this way to support each other. I am so proud of her and it was easy to decide to fundraise for this super group.

After many weeks gradually building up the distances we could walk, the first Bank Holiday weekend in May came round all too fast and we were off.

The weather was beautiful and with fantastic scenery, white cliffs, sandy beaches and an undulating coastal path we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend or location to attempt this. It took us 13 hours, but we were triumphant in the end and crossed the finish line at 9.30pm! Amazingly I had no blisters but it took a good week or two to feel ‘normal’ again and to be able to walk up or down a flight of stairs without whimpering!

However the feeling that remains is one of happiness at having completed a tough challenge whilst also helping a very good cause close to home. Thanks so much to all those who supported me!

Who knows, maybe next year we’ll do the whole island….”


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