SAS enters the The United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum Film Award 2018

The SAS speech and language therapists, Chris and Clare recently led a project to create an entry for The United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF) Film Award 2018.  Clare tells the story …

“Chris and I used it as a project for the conversation group to discuss and decide what their key message would be to others to allow them to understand better what would help people living with the challenges of stroke. The groups all came up with the same message about needing people to give them more time. The groups then came up with ideas of how to get this message across and some of these were used in the film. There were lots of great ideas and the challenge was fitting something into the 30 second remit!! The making of the film was challenging and not everyone was around for the filming but hopefully their ideas were captured. It was a fun few weeks and hopefully the film will help increase awareness and can be viewed on YouTube!”

Go to YouTube and search for UKABIF Film Award 2018 and click on the Success After Stroke entry. I think you will agree it is a fantastic effort by all those involved, including Anna who made the film. Thank you.

The following is the remit followed;

“The United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF) Film Award 2018, sponsored by Elysium Neurological, is now open for entries from everyone that has an interest, or experience, in Acquired Brain Injury.

This year’s UKABIF Film Award will acknowledge, recognise and reward a short film, of no more than 30 seconds duration that enhances the understanding of Acquired Brain Injury. It can focus on neurorehabilitation in hospital, and/or in the community, and/or in school, and/or in prison or in connection with sport.

UKABIF is encouraging entries from individuals with a brain injury, their families or carers, students, the general public, care providers and voluntary organisations, as well the rehabilitation multidisciplinary team, doctors in primary and secondary care, case managers, personal injury lawyers and social care workers. The UKABIF Film Award is open to UKABIF members and non-members in the UK.”

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