Here at SAS we offer a weekly Art Class that is open to all members.

Individuals often join the class having never painted before. Additionally, members often have to learn to use their non-dominant hand as a result of suffering a stroke.

Even in the first weeks we are always amazed by what can be achieved.

The class has a friendly and warm atmosphere, that is filled with laughter. The art class is not only about the members creative work, it is also about development of their confidence which generally blossoms in the art lesson.

Members are often surprised by the quality of their own paintings and are delighted with what they are able to achieve. This is followed by an abundance of support and encouragement by friends in the class.

Every two years SAS has an exhibition called ‘BrushStroke’. We are joined by other artists that also present their work at St Peters Church, Sudbury, Suffolk. The work exhibited comes from all the SAS members and is an ideal opportunity for the class to showcase the brilliant art they’ve been working on. This event is a key fund raiser for SAS.

We have some wonderful and committed volunteers that support the class every week, always there to lend a helping hand, a cup of tea and of course a biscuit.

If you feel like joining the class, we would love to have you. Come along and pick up a paint brush, you’ll never know what you can achieve until you try it!