Physiotherapy was established during WWI in Canada. Having said that it has been used by Hippocrates (father of medicine) himself in 460 BC.

Physiotherapy benefits people in many ways and some examples below;

– Those who need to undergo surgery and rehabilitation thereafter

– Physiotherapy is beneficial to individuals with diabetes, cancer, MSK problems, sport-related injuries, arthritis, stroke, respiratory problems and so, so much more

– Physiotherapists often work closely with other therapists, surgeons and doctors alike to benefit the patient outcome

– It is a drug free treatment

– It is vital to restoring the patients quality of physical life and overall mental, emotional and social functioning

Physiotherapy at SAS

Our aims;

– to maintain fitness for community living

– to consolidate movement skills learned in early rehabilitation

– to increase confidence to direct the members own activities in the wider community

– to find enjoyment in movement and understand the health benefits of arising from all forms of regular activity

– Support for carers, advice, education, sharing in defining the aims for individuals

– Tailored support to allow participation in the group’s wider activities

– Provide feedback to members regarding their progress in movement or fitness outcomes

– Enable members to self-monitor their performance

Physiotherapy Activities

At both of the SAS weekly sessions we offer a group activity for all members who want to participate. The activity is mainly carried out sitting down, lasts about 45 minutes and includes stretches, cardio and a wide range of motion activities.

We also provide individual sessions. These are specifically designed for each member and the program put in place factors in many things such as existing fitness, speed that tiredness can occur, cognition etc
Home exercises are given out to those who request them which can improve their physical abilities.

In addition to more conventional physiotherapy that is provided to members encouragement is given to re-develop where possible walking and mobility skills.

In addition we can offer recreational pedalling, individuals own choice, outdoor walking (weather permitting) and active games using the technology available to us.

During the pandemic we began online fitness classes and these are now continued during the holiday times when SAS is closed. This is probably one of the few positive outcomes of the pandemic and gives our members the chance to work on their health all year round.