Having a stroke is a traumatic experience. Our Wellbeing Therapist provides in-person one to one therapy sessions to Members and their Carers.

These sessions are aimed to help people to adjust to their changed circumstances and deal with on-going mental and emotional issues that may come after a stroke.

Pam Lawrence is our Mental Wellbeing Therapist. Pam has been a fully qualified Personal Stress Management Therapist since 2005 and has been with SAS since 2012.

SAS offers;

– Members and carers 1:1 emotional and psychological support

– To aid members with the impact of having a stroke through empathetic listening, gentle suggestions and, where appropriate, goal setting

– To help them live in the present which that in turn will help them to cope with the future – whatever that brings for them

– To liaise with the other SAS Therapists and Staff concerning individual members, keeping confidentiality appropriately

– A guided meditation session

– Monthly Carers Meeting

SAS Carers Meetings

SAS recognises the impact that having a stroke has, first and foremost on the person concerned, but also on their nearest and dearest – husband, wife, partner, relative or friend. Some stroke survivors will need more assistance than others with a number of ‘nearest and dearest’ taking on to various degrees some aspect of the role of a carer.

SAS operates to support stroke survivors, but our wellbeing work is designed to also support carers. On a monthly basis we have a Carers Meeting to provide a place and space where people can come together over a cup of tea or coffee (and a biscuit or two!) to share their day-to-day experiences or just listen.

These meetings are informal and are a place to simply to have a chat with others who understand what the carer is going through. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends and to talk and laugh about things that are totally unrelated to strokes.